Happy Feet- Dior Sling Back

Welcome, Home!!!
I usually do an unboxing video on my youtube channel but today I choose just to post here on the Blog my latest shoe purchase.
It was a couple weeks back... after Church on a Sunday afternoon I took the girls to the Mall, to eat...well why not stop by Neimans since we had some time waiting on Daddy...all of you know HOW MUCH I LOVE to see my feet HAPPY... when I say HAPPY I mean it! 
Well, I posted here the options I had... but Honestly, that Dior, oh Baby, HE screamed at Me: "Take me Home" well I did!!! SALE price Just like I LOVE IT... 
No Regrets, all I want is to wear my new babies and have fun with it... unfortunately I am pretty sure I wont have a place to wear them right now, unless I take them to Church... That sounds like a plan, but right now in this HOT weather all I want is me Feet to be FREE!!! Its hard... 

Well Loves, let me introduce you to my New Dior Slingbacks
 I felt in Love with the mixture of colors...
 Not too high just the way I like to go anywhere ... and the Bow, my favorite
 I love Shoes - Pretty Shoes
 Look Closer
 The curvy heel

 Where can I go with them?!
Take me Places... I will not mind

That's all fot today, Hope you Like my new Shoes,



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