sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2012

New's Year CountDown!!!

Hello Lovers...
So what are your plans for NYE?!?! I have many, but haven't figured out what I will be doing...Starting on the "What to Wear Part "then goes " Where to go" and the list goes on and on.
Well since I am staying with my mom's Saying: "Its all God's Plans" I will let God decide what I will end up doing... It will be FUN of course, specially with a bunch of family members and friend here in Portugal. I will tell you a little about what I wanted to do...a Housewarming party/NYE strictly to family and close friends! I will see how things go and if possible tomorrow I will let my imagination do the magic!
Just stop by to keep you guys up to date !
Truly yours,

quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2012

My Lovely Xmas ... Meu Natal

Hello Lovers, 
I hope you had a great Xmas,
mine was wonderful...nothing like what I expected but greater than my expectations!
Although we were not Completed we had a Blast! Hope you enjoy my pictures!
Wish u a great Holliday's Season!
Eat pray and Love!
That was the table...Last minute Decorations and settings came out Great!
Center Piece 
Our Wonderful table! By me!

Inside Table with Sweets

Coffee Table with Appetizers 

Me after Setting the Tables, stopped for a picture!

Inside: Xmas Tree and Gifts...I decided to place the Xmas Tree at the Entrance. Do you like it?

The Hats were the plates mat...

Eating time!

Laugh out Loud: Hubby and Uncles

Presents Moment...Me and my Godparents!

The Kiss...Giving his Gift

My Godfather Loved it! I am Glad

The Bag-pack I gave to my Cousin

My Gift!!! Thank You hubby! You are THE BEST!!!

Receiving the Gift my godmother got me! 

My crazy Cousin/Brother

All I got!

Moment of the Truth!!! Yeahhh...Dreams do come True!

His Gift for himself! 

What I Got!!!

Two Wonderful CDs from my Uncle!!! LOVED it very much!!!

domingo, 23 de dezembro de 2012

My Hair Journey: 1Year Old

A year Ago I had the "Big Chopped"
I felt Good, I felt re-new and most importantly of all I was doing something for myself!
I've done it before, when I graduated from High school, this time felt different, I was confident, I wanted to GO NATURAL, and GROWN it Was not Difficult...I went to the Barber Shop along with my uncle and Cousin...
My hubby was not happy with it, he was like: "I don't want to be marry to a Bold Women" LOL I told my husband, I was not a bold women I was his wife...as time went by he got used to it...and I was enjoying every little moment of it... There where "taught" periods of the growth that I didn't know what  to do with it...but going to parties and events was not hard, I always found something interesting to do with my Afro. When it was long enough I braided... and that's a way of changing a bit and growing the hair...I promise I won't damage my hair with chemicals! I am Loyal to my hair now, I am even taking good care of it, I've been very patient with it...Thanks to my DETERMINATION, here am I, with my Afro and it's Phases:
Enjoy it...

Yes I did had people look at my hair, asking me if I will perm my hair, and I still will deal with questions and looks...as Long as I am HAPPY with my hair and myself! There's NO ONE who's going to make me feel uncomfortable about my choice!

Hell NO!
XOXO ;) 
Truly Your,
First Blow Dry.... After 11 Months...
My Hair is Currently this length and I am Loving it!

In Nov. 2012 I did my first twists 

New Year's Eve I my hair was Growing Slowly and my Natural Journey was on it's first days...
On Graduation Day Dec. 2011 my Hair was permed...
On my Last days of School, before graduation I was Wearing my hair like that (In transiction) 
In Feb. 2011 on Vday my Hair was like that! Like it?!

🎄Merry Christmas !!! 🎄 Feliz Natal 🎅

I wish you a Merry Christmas,
I am not so excited about this Christmas because its not going to be as I/we planned! Hey but at least I got part of my family in Here (Portugal) and the other part will be in Home country; I just Realized that it will be my VERY FIRST Christmas without my mom...Looking on the bright side, it's going to be my Hubby's second year without his Family so it shouldn't be a big deal! 
Xmas tree is has a few presents, aunt ordered some goodies, and we are going to buy some more later on today I believe. 
 we eat, pray and love ...Give thanks, enjoy good food and family quality time!

Desejo-vos um Feliz Natal,
não estou muito entusiasmada com este natal, porque não vai ser como eu/nós planeamos! Mas ao menos alguma parte da família estará cá em Portugal e outros estarão em Angola; Só agora me dei conta que será o 1ro NATAL sem a minha mãe :(... vendo bem; será a 2da vez do meu marido sem passar com a família dele então não é assim tão mal! 
A arvore de Natal tem alguns presente, minha tia ja fez encomendas de algumas comidas, e mais logo vamos fazer umas comprinhas, creio eu.
Vamos comer, rezar e nos amar...Agradecer, e aproveitar e nos deliciar com boa comida e passar o tempo rodeado do calor familiar! 

segunda-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2012

Mixed Feelings

Hello Dear Friends,
I am moody in a way, but feeling great on the other side...
This song in spanish describes my "Feeling Exactly" 
Love you all,
Truly yours,
Claudia Claki

quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2012

November: Make UP

Hello Lovers, I'e probably brought a few more items but those are the ones I photographed and felt so in love with during November. Not to mention that I had to punish myself from going to Sephora. :
Hope you enjoy!
Love you all,
Claudia ClaKi

Gifts from Sephora:

Jimmy Choo
Sephora bag

 M.AC: Each year it's a must have "Kit" got this one

1st Time Sleek Make up

Sleek Pallet

In Love with those Lip pigments; you mixed them to get an ONE of a KIND color


Can't get enough...I am extremely found of Sephora's make up products. 

❤ Welcoming Xmas ❤

Hello Lovers, 
I noticed that I have made several post this Month already but I haven't properly "Welcome December"
Well, I've been a bit busy, there are some painting going on at my aunt's apt; shopping (not for gifts or anything...still on my project, the house is looking good, will post pics when furniture pieces arrive) so here am I welcoming one of my favorite months...
December 1 is my Dad's Bday, I called him, he was happy with my international/long distance call; I can go a year long without calling him, but on his Birthday its like  Auto pilot".
Xmas is right around the corner, and let me tell you, I have not purchase a xmas tree for my Mom's House?! I am starting with the ornaments 1st...and many are gone...I have to go here and there to find...at the right time I am sure I will have something figured out!
Presents?! I am so undecided don't know what to buy to whom?! Well my cousin is safe because today I brought him a Gentleman's book.
My gift list is short this here because I am unemployed and not getting much from my business; so I will get money from mom and Hubby LOL (Just being honest)
It would be easier if we decide to exchange gifts...but since its going to be to late to do so I think I will have to prioritize: Hubby (because he always gets me something and it's our 3rd Anniversary on the 18th...could you tell I've been married for 3yrs?! LOL and we've been 2gether for many); I think my mom this year will not get anything because my last year's present is still wrapped LOL so I will find something for my grandmother instead...but something she's going to use for sure!
My godparents also deserve a gift from me, they are my parents. And I think that's about it LOL... 
Well I think this year I am more in the mood to receive than give!
Hope u enjoy this post,
Stop by more often,
Sincerely, *Me*
Claudia Claki

quarta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2012

Trendy color: Burgundy

Hey lovers are you "doing" Burgundys?!
I am loving it... On the lips, to wear them, and to see! Great wine color... Here are some lovely ideas, pieces and goodies so that you can get inspired by!
Truly yours,

terça-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2012

12.12.12 so what?! Last Year we had 11.11.11 and the year after 10.10.10

...Hello Dear Readers,
Not that I am being mean or anything, just being honest and true to myself ...what the matter of 12.12.12? It happens every year...my God...People love tend to be so repetitive those days with things that don't really matter... and as time goes by I feel that increasing...Let's think about our brothers and sister in need...lets make plans for next year...sorry there will not be a 13.13.13 LOL that's probably why they are talking about "12.12.12" so freaking much...to me it's a beautiful date, and I'd love to hear  about someone who turns 12 today...well somewhere in this HUGE world someone is definetly someone turning 12!!!!
Just a "Loud" thought!
Truly yours,
Claudia Claki

domingo, 9 de dezembro de 2012

Strang Feelings...

...Sometimes I feel like I don't do as much as I want to do...  Does this happens to you as well?!
I feel like I am not "Forcing" myself enough to get things done! By that I mean I leave a lot of things to do it later?! Why would that be?! Well I also finish stuff...I get lots done...but this feeling of "Uncomplete" is always with me!? Why would that be?! Well this is life I believe... those who complete everything they start are lucky then...what about me?! Less lucky?! I am Lucky too...so why do I feel this way sometimes?!

Can't take out of my Mind...

Hello Lovers, 
I am so obsessed with this fragrance that you have NO IDEA. I am not a Fã of the Singer herself, but honestly her fragrance is amazing. I got a few samples from my Sephora countless visits...I used it on friday, and today is Sunday and I still smell, not on me but in the air! OMG...I am going to buy it; I was not planning to buy me Fragrances but sorry this one is a MUST HAVE!

Love u all very much,
Truly yours
Claudia ClaKi

sábado, 8 de dezembro de 2012

Vivendo e aprendendo! Living and Learning

Olá prezados Leitores,
O meu post de hoje é algo novo, estou feliz por me dar a oportunidade de ler mais e poder dividir com vcs o que leio e que na verdade vos poderá ajudar tanto quanto a mim!
Ao ler umas "dicas" na Revista cosmopolitan encontrei um tema super interessante: "sexo" para alguns ainda um Taboo mas para outros é um tema aberto para ser discutido, conversado, falado, praticado e estudado! Aprendi algo novo! Não sabia p termo!
Ai vai:
Zonas ou pontos erógenos : são determinadas partes do corpo onde o toque pode causar excitação sexual. No ser humano, as zonas erógenas são determinados pontos ou trechos sensíveis da pele que, ao toque, desencadeiam uma reação de excitação. A presença destas zonas (ou ao menos a intensidade da sensação causada) pode variar de indivíduo para indivíduo, e decididamente de situação para situação, embora padrões sejam delimitados de acordo com as zonas apontadas pela maioria das pessoas. Pescoço, nuca, lóbulo da orelha, lábios e língua, mamilos, nádegas, coxas e dedos, para além dos próprios órgãos sexuais são comumente apontados por homens e mulheres como zonas erógenas.

Então o que vocês acharam?!? São dicas que podemos ir pondo em pratica para descobrirmos um bocado mais de nós ou/e dos nossos parceiros!

Beijinhos da vossa sempre,