quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2012

Em Portugal a 1Semana

Olá meus queridos Leitores,
Estou em Portugal a 1Semana, que até ontem pensei que estivesse a correr as mil maravilhas e a tratar do que me trouxe aqui com a maior facilidade. Mas olha, enganei-me redondamente. Mas tudo porque existem pessoas a conspirar SEMPRE contra nós...e o pior é que são pessoas bem ao pé de nós, próximas... pessoas que nos invejam, que como nós não são felizes. Opah mas que culpa temos nós?! Resultado, envenenam e teem poder de estragar a harmonia que existe ... Como me dizem varias vezes "Não Ligues!" As vezes não creio que "Não ligar" é a solução...Porque sempre que não ligarmos voltará a acontecer...
Coisas que eu as vezes mordo-me de Raiva...mas depois...Ultrapasso!
Beijos Gente Linda!!!

quarta-feira, 9 de maio de 2012

New Items IN

Hello my lovely Readers,
I am in Europe, Portugal, gladly ...uff was in need of civilization :) I went to Sephora, off course! One of my first stops and got this!
The Naked 2 pallet was my "Most Wanted" I even tried on-line but no success; the Mint polish also was my target; unfortunately couldn't find the Ysl I went for.
Hope u like it...

quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2012

❤ Best Saturday Outside the Family Circle ❤

Hello my Loyal Readers...
I barely Slept on Saturday, I mean Friday to Saturday, because I had this Meeting/Reunion/Fun Day on the Island called Mussulo with my FR (Fashion Radar-a private group of Fashionistas that I am part of)I was extremely excited...and all of my excitment had the right to happen because I had an AMAZING DAY...Knowing some of them for the first time felt like when i've know each other for so Long...instantly Bond and connection! We talked about Fashion, We talked about ourselves a little bit without asking so many question, without being disrespectuful to each other, GOSH I had NO IDEA it would be like that. 
Sometimes we think that our Good friends are the one we know for years, we grew up together or whatever...no, Good friendship starts without knowing, its magical, instantaneous, and I Love when things happen naturally between me and those to be called MY FRIENDS! 
I feel Grown, I feel more mature, I feel the needing of re-adjust my Relationships: with Family members, with Friends, specially within myself; And I am doing and Loving the Results!
To those who are constantly Following my Blog, You have already noticed that I LOVE TO WRITE, to those visiting, when I am inspired specially I write NON-STOP, Sorry If you don't like to read and love to see pictures! (: I used to be in that Level but Lately I start reading more often; Being a Blogger is also helping, because on my Blog's hunting  found very nice things to read. 
Hope you enjoyed my Post ... 
Come more often, and hope you enjoy my Pictures as well
Truly yours...