segunda-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2013

Oficialmente em Contagem Regressiva...Oficcially in Countdown Mode

Exactamente daqui a 1 Mês é o meu aniversário, e eu gosto de estar organizada, mas infelizmente aqui na minha "Santa Terrinha" é tudo muito complicado e por mais que eu tente e queira que as coisas andem mais ou menos bem, preciso de quê?! Nada, não funciona mesmo! Preços MALUCOS, locais para festas não são muitos e os que há...ou são caros para XUXU, ou são de muito pouca qualidade! Não quero um "Castelo" mas quero um local com boas opções tais como: boas casas de banho, de preferencia mais de duas, Bares já estruturados, uma Boa pista de Dança, Localização é importante; Sexta-Feira Transito, acesso ...enfim...Este post iria "no ar" no dia 22 de Fevereiro se eu não fosse tão preguiçosa, e no entanto, posto hoje dia 25 que no entanto sou capaz de ja não fazer nada porque morreu um tio ontem. dia 24. E os planos como não são nossos fico por aqui!!!

Exactly a month from Today it's my Birthday, and I like to organize everything in advance but unfortunately my "Lovely Town" does not allow me to do so because it very difficult and complicated to get thing done in here. What do I need?! Nothing, things just don' work as smooth as you wish! Crazy prices, party venues are not many, any those available are extremely expensive or either very "ugly" I do not want a castle but I want a venue that fulfill my BASIC requirements, such as: bathrooms, at least two, one for Ladies and other for gentlemen's; Bars already built, cause in some cases you have to set up a bar with tables! A very good Dance floor is a must have, location its important; It's going to be on a Friday, traffic is CRAZY, access... this post was supposed to be "On air" by Feb.22  if I was not that Lazy, and I am posting Now with sad and bad news that  a uncle of mine has passed away and for that reason I might not be able to celebrate as I was planning to. Again: Plans are not ours, they are God's!

segunda-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2013

Facial treatments

Hey lovers,
This post today will be about my facial routine! I was never interesting in taking care of my face, honestly; there are so many products out there which I found very difficult to choose from...  what scared me the most was: every time I attempted to buy facial products the few professionals who helped me had very "bad faces" LOL (It might sound funny, but if the product is so good why are you not taking care of your face honey?) even the excessive use of foundation and powder didn't "hide" the pimples on their faces! Seriously... How I am going to trust?!
Again sounds funny but that was the feeling I always had since a few weeks ago I decided to give myself a try, I found something... and I found out a good friend of mine was also using a few of the products. so I felt secure! I am talking about Dior
I am sure they are not the best, or the most expensive ones, but they are the ones I felt extremely happy to try; So far I have no complains about it... I was worried because I am from a Tropical Humid country and I am in my country for a week now and can't complain at all!
Great Choice. Check it out:

Here they are
The two tall one are actually for the body, I trust every type of Oil for my body...
one is for my eyes (shorter bottle), and the other is the Serum
This is the Hydra Life Pro Youth Sorbet Creme 

In Addition to these Beauty products I am using a Shisedo purifying Mask and a Cleanser Gel for oily skin from a brand called Bernard Cassiere. Last but not least my mom got me the Calrisonic Mia I was dying for so now I can call my 30th bday because I am ready for it!

Hope you enjoy this Post!
Claudia Claki

sábado, 16 de fevereiro de 2013

Best Vday Ever!!!

Hello my Loyal and Lovely Readers,
I am so happy to be back home, with my lovers, you have no ideal. Well my Vday was amazing, I got inspired with an online picture and then planned a different Vday. With Family members! A❤M❤A❤I❤Z❤I❤N❤G
Let the pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy!
I was responsible for de Decorations and cooking! Since I love to cook it was not a problem!

domingo, 10 de fevereiro de 2013

It's Packing Time!

Hey Lovers,
Hope you are all doing fine...I am Great, excited because I am Finally going HOME...there's no place like home, right? Yeah! So just stop by to let you know that in case I got a bit busy and away, it's because my "routine" changed drastically LOL ... Back home is a full schedule! Here I was on a "Lay Low" will be different!
See u guys later...
Truly, me!
Claudia claki

sexta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2013

The dream Necessarie 🙏

Hi lovers,
I dreamed about this type of Necessarie all my life. Since I was a little girl my mom had quiet a few and still have one! But I think it was only for older ladies back then; Nowadays is not used as I used to see, well, there are so many other travel necessaries this days that they are forgotten ! I never forgot about them, they gives a touch to your traveling style, it's kind of vintage now and I am sure people will look at me, well I really don't care! I am very loyal to SamSonite!
Hope you like this post!
Claudia ClaKi

quinta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2013

OMG this Caviar Nail is amazing!

Hello lovely followers today's shopping is featuring the caviar Nail by Ciaté !!! Yeah I found it here at Sephora! Lovely ❤ it's pretty, looks yumish (delicious) and very easy to work with! If course I tried! Check it out!
And also from the new Ysl I got a gorgeous nail polish!

Claudia ClaKi

The Boxes

All I can Say is that I am in LOVE

A note from Charlotte

Amazing Color!

So Yummy!

I Loved it! 

The Wonderland Called "Home"

Hello dear,
This post is about my work as an Interior Designer! What I did at my place!
I hope you like it and if you or a friend need home improving Advices hit me up!

ClaKi Designs


Add Personality to your Space...My Initial and his
Claudia & Kilamba

I am Obsessed with color

Before the Painting Job

My Entryway... 

Another View... 

The wall of Memories/Moments

Pictures and Words! 

My Kitchen

Leaving Room

Coffee Table

A corridor 

quarta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2013

Spring Summer 2013 on Make up Goodies!

Hello lovers,
Girls have u stop by your favorite make up stores?!? If not Run!!! Otherwise your favorite picks will be gone! I was hoping not to be here in Portugal, and go to my make up stores and find lots of good stuff!
But guess what?! I am behaving! Only getting one of each brand LOL
Take a look for yourself :
It's all about 🎀Pink 🎀
I am loving it!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

segunda-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2013

We are The World... Nós Somos o Mundo

Today I was a Bit Nostalgic, but then I received a Skype  call from my cousin, she was at my mom's, (oh I miss Family gatherings so much) so I didn't only speak with her but with my mom, aunty and heard my Grandmother's voice from distance! I Love that feeling!
Then I realized that little emotions do changes Everything, I am now ready to Roll out and enjoy the Sunny Day in Lisbon, It's cold tho, but I am happy, don't care:)

Hoje estava um bocado Nostalgica, mas bastou receber o telefonema da minha prima pelo Skype, e ela estava em casa da minha mãe, (ai como sinto saudades dos ambientes Familiares) não falei só com a minha prima, mas também com a minha mãe e a mãe dela, ouvi do fundo a voz da minha ávo! Como amo este sentimento!
Depois dei conta de que pequenas emoções mudam tudo, estou pronta para ir dar umas voltas e aproveitar o dia ensolarado que está em Lisboa; esta frio, mas do que me importa se eu estou Feliz!


Truly yours,
Claudia Claki

PS: Enjoy this Song cause I LOVE it!!!

sábado, 2 de fevereiro de 2013

OMG Where did January Go?!

it's February already, let's welcome the month of Love and Carnival and hopping to be good to all of us. I can't complain much about my January, by the way it went well, although went very fast, but I did enjoy every bot of it. I am still in Portugal for a few more days and then I am going Home-ANGOLA-Luanda. I really miss my family! Yes all of them, they were here but I miss the ones who didn't come to Portugal and even those that came, we had so much fun and I want to continue the fun with them 4ever! Even hubby went back...that means, I am alone! Which I thought I was getting used to be alone, I guess NOT!
In this life, we always need Someone! For sure!
I am not feeling so good, but decided to at least stop by to say Hello, because I really miss you! I have Lots of great posts to keep u guys up to date my current events! I promise to do it ASAP!
That's all for tonight,
Stay Warm my Lovely Readers
Claudia Claki