segunda-feira, 29 de outubro de 2012

New Items ... Novos Artigos

Hello Lovers, 
I am so Glad I am able to shop for "Goodies" and wish List Items, that Chanel illuminator powder was no where to be found as usually I like "special edition" items, or difficult to get it...Luckily I got it. I know some of you are M.A.C lovers as well and that Marilyn Monroe collection was "To die For" I tried to buy on-line but most of the item I wanted were Sold out. Gladly I was able to get very few here in Portugal.
Well I am a Nail polish Freak...and the addiction is getting worse LOL (now I go to the more expensive ones :( Poor me, my hubby looked at my Favorite Nail polish rack and said: "How much is one of there?" And then he started counting how much money I spent I was LMFAO I don't buy them all at once, and yes I used them frequently!
The YSL lipstick is amazing, and I Love how dark shades lipsticks look on me! Its the Rouge Pur Couture #18
The Sephora items: one is a Head to toe hydrator (was a gift) and the other is a smoothing primer.
Hope you like my New Goodies as much as I did!
Love u all!
Olá Amores,
Estou tão Feliz por fazer umas comprinhas das coisas que ja estavam na minha listinha; este Pó  iluminador não conseguia encontrar; Eu normalmente gosto de edições especiais, ou então coisas difíceis de se ter LOL...felizmente consegui! 
Sei que muitas de vocês são amantes dos cosméticos da MAC esta coleção da Marilyn Monroe era de morrer, eu tentei comprar alguns artigos pela net e não consegui, esgotados! Felizmente consegui muito pouco mas alguma coisa cá em Portugal.
Bem eu sou LOUCA por vernizes...e este vicio esta a piorar LOL (agora vou mais para os mais carinhos :( coitadinha de mim, o meu marido olhou para os meus favoritos e perguntou: "Quanto custa um destes?!" Depois de lhe ter dito começou a contabilizar quanto de dinheiro ja gastei neles hahahahah matei-me! Eu não os compro de uma vez, claro! E sim uso-os com muita frequencia!
Este Baton YSL é lindo, e adoro ver os tons escuros nos meus Labios! Chama-se Rouge Pur Couture Nro#18
Estes itens da Sephora: o creme hidratante foi-me oferecido, e o outro é o primer;
Espero que tenham gostado do meu post tanto quanto eu!
Voltem Sempre...

sábado, 27 de outubro de 2012

Quick trip...

Hello beloved Readers as of Today I am in Lisbon-Portugal :) another of my unexpected trips and yet pleasant, I can update my beauty products! Shop for new trends and bla bla bla... I am on a very tight schedule but will try to post often about my daily sctivity okay?!?
Love u lots
Kisses and Hug
Truly yours,
Claudia ClaKi

terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2012

OOTD...Belas Fashion Day 2

Just like the day before I had all figured out... I got home a bit late to get dressed, ended up just on time for the last show.I had invitation for all 3shows and couldn't make it...
Well here is what I wore on Day 2:
Como no dia anterior ja tinha tudo em mente do que vestir...cheguei em casa um bocado tarde para me vestir, acabei por chegar bem na hora do ultimo show. Tinha convites para os 3Shows mas não consegui ir...
Bem, ai vão as fotos do que vesti no 2do Dia:

Picture from my Mirrored Refrigerator ...since my husband refuse to take pictures of me!
Foto tirada da minha Geleira que é espelhada, ja que o marido se recusou a tirar-me fotos! 

Ring: YSL artsy
Lovely Bangles, got them at Macys, and bought more for a friend of mine!

How do u like this Artsy YSL Ring? I Love it!

Like my make-up?! I Loved it...
Watch: FENDI
Bracelet: Got it at a Chinese Store in Lisbon

My HeadBand ended up looking Good! Like it?
Earrings: FOREVER 21 

segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012

OOTD...For Belas Fashion Day1

Hello my Beloved Readers,
This is my pick last Thursday for this Fashion Event that I attended here in the motherland, as I said on my previous post, I had what to wear in mid so it wasn't hard... I hope u enjoy going to my very first OOTD post! 
Trully yours,

I picked this Denim CHANEL bag, which was my very first Chanel Bag. 

Could you believe I have these for over 2years and it was the 1st time I wore them? Well they are very Comfy indeed !

That's a VERSACE Top and MANGO Necklace that at the end I decided not to use.

I just don't remember where I got this oversized Belt from; It's Old

This Jacket is from ZARA Kids; I got it from my 11yr old cousin LOL

The Jewelry 
Black and Colorful bangle: if I am not mistaken is from FOREVER 21
Gold Watch: MOVADO
Earrings: Feira da Ladra (Vintage street market in Lisbon)
Ring: From Bimba Lola (Store in Lisbon-Portugal)
Bracelet: Claires

Overal Outfit in Bed

Me posing for my Hubby who gladly agreed to take me some pictures!

The Skirt: from H & M and I wore it once at New's year Eve
My Cute Dior Sandals
All the pictures above were from BEFORE, the following will be the after Pics: 
Enjoy them as well
Todas as Fotos em cima são do ANTES, e as de baixo são DEPOIS do show: 

I still had some make-up on! That's what happens when u have good make up products!
Ainda tinha Maquilhagem, é a vantagem de se usar bons produtos!
My Earrings are Cute...
Os meus brincos são fofos...
Looking Down... Make up still good
A Olhar para baixo e a maquiagem continua Boa
Hubby and I...He appeared just right on time!
Marido e eu... ele aparece mesmo no momento certo! 
While he was drinking water I took a photo of us!
No momento em que ele bebia água eu tirei uma foto nossa!
This pineapple Ring is too Cute
Este anel em feitio de Ananas é Girissimo!

Playing around with my camera, at same time showing how I use my colorful accessories!
Em brincadeiras com a minha câmara, e ao mesmo tempo a mostrar como eu uso os meus acessórios coloridos! 

How cute is my Bracelet!? Too cute, specially with those shoe charms
Quão bonita é esta minha pulseira, especialmente com os adereços de sapatinhos! 

Front view, and my Gold Watch
Vista de Frente, e o Meu relógio dourado

My Bow Ring is one of a Kind
O meu Anel de Lacinho é Tudo de Bom!

After spending all night long with you, and up, without seating down, u deserve rest, look what's inside my shoes? The car keys...only me! :)
Depois de ter passado a noite toda com eles, e em pé, sem me sentar eles precisam descansar, veem o que esta dentro do sapato? As chaves do carro...só eu mesmo! 

quinta-feira, 18 de outubro de 2012

Belas Fashion... 1ro Dia

Olá minhas Queridas e Fieis Leitoras, 
Hoje começa o Fashion Show do Belas Fashion...Nos anos em que vivi fora de Angola ouvia muito, as minhas amigas eufóricas a pensarem no que vestir e depois via muitas fotos do evento. Hoje vou poder estar lá e ver como é...claro, vou fotografar para vocês também saberem como foi okay?!

O que Vestir?!?!
Não estou preocupada... tenho montes de Roupa, ja pensei e idealizei, claro que sempre acontecem imprevistos, e aquilo que pensamos e queremos vestir não fica exatamente como queríamos e entramos em pânico ... hihihihi... MULHERES!!!

Amores, fico por aqui porque agora tenho mesmo de ir ver o que vou vestir LOL 
Beijos fofos e Carinhosos,
da sempre vossa


quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2012

Trip to Berlin...Summer Fun

Well I've been in Germany before, well if "passing by counts" on my trips, Frankfurt was my stop several times. This time It was a Stay...I landed in Frankfurt and then took another 30/40 mnts plane to Berlin...
The airport wasn't so special, small and as we arrived the baggage claim was right there... Knowing that Mercedes Benz is Dutch, couldn't expect another vehicle brand to pick us up at the airport! LOL my father-in-law is a Benz collector I should say!
... I was amazed to see the amount of Benz and BMWs ... Of course there were tones of Porches, Audis, Volkswagen...and so and so...  Yeah welcome to the Land of Great Cars!  And in terms of Buildings, Lights (loved it) Well I guess I will stop the "Talking" and show it on Pictures How Great it was!
To be specific...I was in Germany, Berlin for it explains why I've been so absent... I was Exploring ... but then I Got sick and hospitalized for 2 Days (I might be posting a bit about it). I went shopping Off Course!(That could be another post as Well-Shopping in Berlin)  :) I did some great shopping for supplies (For my crafts) and I ate great Food as Well (another possible post)!
Let the adventure Start:
In front of the first Mall we went... yes and my shopping Journey started right the way...

Such a Funny Car...and its an Electricity car...Something like that! :)
Yeah what a Sign! :)
Berlin is such a very interesting city, and I actually LOVED IT, Berlin Tower right there! 

That was inside <Sony Center>

Signs to the pale we were heading 

So Cool!!! 

Myself and Hubby...Playing around... these Lighted Benches are extremely cool and Modern...we had to seat there and Pose for Pictures off course! 

My scarf actually matched the color of the Bench ;)

U can see it from almost every point of the city, BERLIN TOWER

I am not too good with history, but this was the Checkpoint...America's side vs. German's side

Me striking a pose At Checkpoint
Guess What's that? A piece of Berlin's Wall 

Upps it hurts LOL ... 

I actually did enjoy very much being in Berlin, I could visit more places, but it was extremely HOT to walk around, as much as I Love Summer, there were days that all I wanted was being inside with AC on. 

Next Time we need/MUST  Dine upper there...

Look How amazing this picture turned!? 

That was a market place, full of attractions, many kiosks selling food, drinks and many other goodies! Yeah I brought some stuff there... And behind its Galeria Kaufofh where I brought lots of stuff as well. It's a department store more like Macy's 

That I had to make the Guy do one with my name and Hubby's 

As a grown up never been to Paris, I went to Paris when I was little so I do not remember how it looks like, but this street sure looks like the one in Paris which I don't know How it's call. This in Berlin is 17 

Fun Fun Fun...U Should See How my Hubby looked near this little tiny car! 
Us...Rolling in the streets (stresses) of Berlin...The sunnies u guys know already: CHANEL
hubby all Reddish and Blueish LOL

Well Guys, I really hope u like my Post, and if u decide to go to Germany, go to Berlin...Well I forgot to mention on Fact...the Language!!! Dutch is Extremely HARD to learn, and as far as I am concerned in Berlin they REFUSE to learn English Properly... Could u guys believe that we used google translate A LOT?! And that they really don't bother to learn English OMG...It was only 2people that we met there that we were able to engage on a conversation...LOL I am DEAD serious !!!

Love u'all
Truly urs,