domingo, 27 de janeiro de 2013

Updates On the Yellow House!

Hey Loyal readers, 
Here are some updates on the House; I know have quit some more time to keep you guys up to date on what's going on. We moved IN December 31st could you believe? Yeah on New's Year... And as big the House is, bigger the "Trouble" lots to clean and organize, trust me! And with the House FULL I was not able to post frequently. There's a lot different now, my mom went to the states and brought some goodies for the house, and there's still LOTS to do and put in the House!
Enjoy the Pictures, as soon as I get more pictures I will post in here!

This off course is the BEST MB of the house (Mine) A lot was changed in here too!

As I told you guys before, Black and White are my Chosen Colors for the Decor, and a Pop of Pink or Yellow (undecided)

Kitchen...Quick Decorations, just to make pictures look Good LOL...It's different Now!

My Organization Skills 

Coffee cps

Tea Cups

All in Sequence...Tea Mugs



My Vanity In Portugal Looks Like this! Like it? Mirrors, table and Chair are from Ikea 


Curtains and Chandelier from Ikea 

From Ikea

Mason et objet Part I

This is when we arrived last Sunday January 20th.
I didn't even pulled my Camera because signs were all over prohibiting cameras even cell phones. So my pictures won't have the good quality they should!
Enjoy it anyways!

sábado, 26 de janeiro de 2013

With Iris Apfel in Mind...

Got to love it!

Exploring Paris...a Explorar Paris!!!

My Dear all, let the pictures "Speak" for themselves...all I Can Say is: There's no Going to Paris without visiting or passing by the Eiffel Tower so here are my pictures of what I explore...

Meus Queridos, deixem as fotos "falarem" por si... o que eu posso dizer é que não existe ida a Paris sem visitar ou passar pela Torre Eiffel, por isso aqui estão as fotos da minha pequena exploração de Paris...

Mulher Prevenida vale por mil!
Rainy Boots

Checking Myself before going out!

No Taxi

Pelas Ruas...

The Station where everything started...

I had to change Hotels because the first one we were was too far from Maison et Objet

A Estação aonde a Aventura começou!

As O told you my little guy was like tourist guider LOL

Checking his Phone...
Este é o meu companheiro de Viagem

I wanted to explore this Area as well but my time in Paris was very limited so on my next visit to Paris I am going to add Notre Dame to my list off Course! 

Eu a Checkar o Mapa

Oui Baguettes 

Ohhhhh so Cute!

And Finally we arrived...

Seriously I was AMAZED ...its different when you actually see it 

I Add to "Touch it" 

A Torre Eiffel é Enorme...Pena o tempo não estar favorável para eu subir... 

Pointing at it!

Oh Paris... The Snow was No Joke

Mesmo a Nevar com uma forte intensidade eu não deixei de pousar em frente a Torre Eiffel! 



...The Road

Crossing by...Bad weather 

Inside the Taxi...

Le Louvre 

Claro que eu aproveitar parar no Louvre para umas fotos!

It's another MUST GO while in Paris

Although it was snowing I had to pose for a great picture in front of the Pyramid