To More Fridays Like This!

Hi all, Today I feel like posting in English, may I?!
Sure... Post 4th of July "kind of effect"
So I will start by saying that I knew that I'd like an awesome Long Weekend, I ask at work to work 3 days in a row... Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, cause they gave me Friday, and I'd NOT survive it... They said Okay... so here am I ... Chilling on this Friday... didn't put my feet outside... although I cooked I didn't do much

Yesterday was and friends came for a cookout, the rain kicked us from the backyard so I decided we could chill in the Garage, What a great idea it was... 

For more Fridays like that I mean, relaxation and nothing "heavy" to do... let's see how I manage my Saturday Time.

Kisses and Hugs,



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