Monday Motivation

I am Sure I am Living one day at a time...
Today I woke up very Motivated, got the girls ready for breakfast and then school ... went for my morning walk, on the phone with a good friend. I always Like to have company while going on my walks, it feels like I am not walking alone, I am never alone, I know... but hey I love me some company!!!

I had my Coffee before my walk... as always, it gave me the energy to continue on the Garage Clean-Up/Organization project I started on the weekend! Then I stopped to cook... Hubby and I had a Delicious Grilled Fish for late Lunch ...OMG...It felt like I was HOME (Motherland, Yes I am Homesick)...

With food/Full Belly comes a little bit of laziness, I let myself sit in the sofa, we were supposed to be watching a Netflix series "Get Organized" that I started watching on Saturday while was having my hair braided, It got me all Motivated ... hubby fell asleep I decided to come upstairs and started having FUN at the Laundry ... I am the type of person I can't sit still ... especially when I am motivated...

Well It's getting late and tomorrow I am planning on continuing my organization Projects, I will share more of it on my Instagram: ClaKi Home hope to see u there,


Ps: Once in a While I get inspires to write in English, but most of the time I write in Portuguese! 



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