Diary of my Day Off - March 7th

Oh Happy Day...
Oh Happy Day... When Jesus Walk, when Jesus Walk...

I had to start with what came into my mind right now... at the end of this FANTASTIC "Day Off" (From work to be more specific), before I go to bed, I decided to share with you How great this day was.
I woke up, early, but I had enough rest, to get the girls ready for daycare, it's usually daddy who does all of this because Mom leaves home early in the morning, but since daddy had some stuff to take care, Mommy did it. Gladly Kiya woke up first, start talking to mommy and watching mommy get their clothes ready... then I had to wake up Eva, I was not in a rush, I took my time and did everything smoothly as possible... Hey, it was my Day off ... why would I Rush? When the Girls were having breakfast I Had my Coffee, of course, It's a MUST... they ate their cereals like Big Kids, afterward, they took the bowl to the kitchen sink, wow I was surprised... and happy!
We then "hit" the Road, and here begins the "Talking Show" Which I tried to pay attention to the road and at the same time paying attention to all the Requests they had for me... Mommy this, Mommy that... and then they arrived at School a.k.a Daycare!

I needed to put Gas in the car, and closed by was a Bakery or THE BAKEY... let me put that way, our local STORES are GREAT! I love it... so at this bakery, they sell the Freshest Bread, and other stuff... so I went there because of the Delicious Butter Croissant ...OMG... Breathtaking... Then I quickly stopped by Fresh Market to get me some good Cheese and Prosciutto, we call it Presunto ... Oh My...when I get Home I buttered my Croissant, made me a Hot Tea and ate with my Heart!

Then it was Time for GOD... I went to my Lunch with the Lord - Bible School at my Church, It was amazing, as always, as I say it: I got Recharged ...Connected ... Grown Spiritually ... God is Great!!!

I needed to stop by the Mall...It was a quick stop but very pleasant... I find it very interesting my visits to the mall nowadays, I pick EXACTLY what I need and if I don't find I just get back home without anything. I am changed! 
Soon I will show you guys what I Got...

Came Home, Hubby Cooked a delicious Beef, so Yummy ... then I was planning to REST...when in a way I did, but I rested in my chair, watching a Special Service at my Church back Home... Oh God, It was Amazing... I am so Glad Social Media allows us to stay connected to our Church Family Worldwide, It was even better because my Mom gave a testimony!


Dear all, I decided to share my Day Off, because I had Rough days recently, yes I did, and the first thing I did was ASK GOD, SAY SORRY, and SAY THANK YOU!!!

Here I am ... Hoping to continue to have Great Days off like this one!
That's all for Today,

Thanks a lot for stopping by,
Love you,



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