I will miss VOGUE FNO

OMG what a wonderful day it was yesterday, and today is even better but too bad I Can't enjoy as I wish because my  doctor told me to rest!!! If I behave like I am I might go ... LOL
And guess WHAT?!?? It's Vogue FNO (fashion night out) and hubby is taking me home! Yeah if I could cry I would, but I am not going to because its a wonderful day out and I can still enjoy in the house, trying on my new camcorder and blog a little! At least I won't be bored do death! 
Unfortunately once again I will not be lucky to witness a FNO, every time I got excited its either I won't be in the country or whatever happens! Last year around this same area I was in Portugal and missed because I travelled two days before! Urgghgg ... 
Well let me not complain! I asked my hubby to go to some stores and attend FNO for me! Lets see if he goes and brings me good pictures!
For now stay with the pictures I took yesterday and today cause I am going to enjoy the Sunny Thursday here in Berlin! 

This is a store with my name I run into and decided to Check the inside! Let me tell you I LoVed it! So classy, sophisticated and elegant! I wanted to take pictures of the inside but I was a little affraid the lady would say "no pictures" 
Although ... I didn't resist... Off course I wanted to catch the wonderful rounded leopard-print sofa and the centerpiece on top! The shine white laminated furniture! What I admire and Love about clothing stores is the way they display everything, so well organized, they prove the truth of the "less is more" statement! Yes don't place everything on display, storage solutions, drawers! Well I think I will cover this in another post! 

Yeaterday, at almost the end of the day yes I stopped by Starbucks, he'll yeah, got my favorite: Passion Fruit iced tea, sliced marble cake! For hubby I got chocolate cookies and and a mango smoothie! 
That's my Baby!!!
Yeah in love with her, can't wait to start filming more often and getting better at it! 

... Today
At least I am happy even thought I am going to miss FNO :(
Partners in crime! 
Me and Hubby... 
Hope you like this post!

Love you all
Claudia ClaKi


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