Fashion Night Out 2013 in Berlin

Experiencing ...

All home! 
Outfit Check...Comfy, yet dressed for the occasion 
Let's Get it on FNO mode!
Outside Hermés ...
Inside Hermés...signing the book
Left my mark!
From Angola to the World!
Outside...Loved it!
Playing around oversized Hermés Bangles! 
Next Stop was:
Louis Vuitton

Even got my initials in my Bag!Luckily I was wearing it!
After all, there was no FNO without bringing GOODS Home, right!?
Yeah... I feel GUILTY, but....ops...did it Again!
Yes I did me a little shopping and got me some gifts as well!

Could you believe I went to a number of stores asking for one!? Yes I did.... Glad I got it

Despite the fact that the Magazine given is in Dutch, It's a September Issued one, I don't Care much cause this way I FORCE to catch a little something in Dutch LOL

Guilty Pleasure! Sorry couldn't Resist!
Grounded for the next.... Whatever! 
All I know is that I love my New Goodies! (Will soon be revealed)

I have to admitted, thanks GOD I became more of a Fashionista right after I graduated! Could you imagine all this GOOD + GREAT + GORGEOUS stuff and Events occurring while  you are in school?! LOL...exactly, I'd be BROKE every time, I'd switch my major for Fashion Design most definetly...and I am pretty sure I would miss school quit a lot! Just saying...
Thanks for stopping by,
Hope you come more often!
Claudia ClaKi


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