How to carry a Bag...

Seriously??? Yes, and you want to know why ?!? Because lately i've notice some "Wrong ways" of carrying a bag (specially a Classic Chanel) that have really annoyed me! I don't expect people to know everything but I expect GOOD ETIQUETTES from famous people! Politicians, famous, celebrities and all of those people that people have their eyes on... As of me, or my friends, who cares?! But it's always good to know, at least! Learning ain't that bad at all! We only benefit from it!
My readings also told me that the way we carry our bags/purses tells a lot about us! Do you agree?! I definitely do! I don't own a Hermes Birking but don't need to know that they are not to carry all over my shoulders! Please!!! Neither are the Celine's (which I also don't own one) ... I call it Main and Basic things!
So I leave you all with those notes I found to explain a little about "Carrying your bag Properly"


Claudia ClaKi


  1. Uso de diferentes formas... Minhas favoritas são a arm chock & hands free. A ultima gosto especialmente quando estou de um lado para o outro com os pequenos e/ou em eventos com muita gente.


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