The Anthropologie Shopping Experience

Hi there Loves,
Fitting Rooms "confessions"
Hope this post finds you all Good, so as of me I could be a little better, but anyways... let me share with you all this experience I had to go to the Store Anthropologie; you all may know the store, and some may have seen it, just like me... I have to admit that I was ignorant, I don't remember ever enter that store, and THANKS to this Instagram Style enthusiast for sharing her look (check here ) and I had to find the Skirt I fall in love with... so I wanted to order online, but my size was not available, I called my closest store and luckily it was available on the next day !

My Experience at the store was ... AMAZING... I loved several pieces, and will surely pay more visits because I went for the skirts and took an extra piece. I Love SALES, sorry I do, in every store, I go to, I always make sure to walk by the Sales.

Can't wait to wear these... in the mean time, check what I got:
I took a picture to show Hubby the Skirt

That is still on my mind, but I left it

Couldn't Resist... I love Denin Jackets, and this one was a GO
I hope you like this Post,
See you later,


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