Look of The Day: It's all about the Flowers

Hi There,
Before the Day ends I just want to show you guys what I wore for my Cousin's High SchoolGraduation Day!
Weather is not as good as we wish it would be, but hey, at least we are in the "spirit" of Spring-Summer ...ending May and the Rain is like we are in April-Showers... I tell you, this is some crazy stuff.
Let's get to business... unfortunately, I did not ask hubby to take pictures of me because I knew what he would answer, so the few I got it's from the graduation and some I took myself to check the makeup LOL

Makeup Checked... Decisions?! What Lipstick to wear?! Earings or not?!

My aunt and I

Me, the Graduate and Hubby

Us again

Hubby runs away... IN STYLE (Just Saying)

Me and my Tall Cuz

Our BasketBall Player... 

Hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed making it... Well I forget to mention what I dress, so here you have:

Flower Suite (Jacket and Pant) - TARGET
Green Blouse - TARGET
Shoes - H&M
Bag- LV



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