❤ What's In my Bag ❤

Bag: Furla
Scarf: Furla

2 Sunglasses (There by Mistake) Wallet; eyeGlasses, Make up Bag, Tissues, Bunch of Medicines, 2Cell Phones (USA and Portugal#s) Passport, Gum, Passport, Business Card Holder

Close Up - what I carried on that Particular Day, I usually change Purses Every Day! (When I have Time Off course)
MAC palet, my iPhone is High Fashion, on a Prada Case LOL

Sunglasses: Valentino and DVF
Wallet: LV
Make up Bag: Chanel

Why do Women Carry A LOT of stuff in the Bag?! Sometimes my Hubby tells me: I am not going to help you with this HEAVY thing! 


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