.... Outfit and the Day Activity ...

I Mix everything, as I mention Before, I have an Eclectic Style...Hate or Love it! :) Just Joking... My way of Dressing Goes a lot with my Mood...2day Was not one of my Days....specially when you  have to take your Clothing from your Luggage every Day because I am on Vacation .... That's when you start Missing your Closet (potentially a Post that I am going to make one of those days:)

So here Was my "Boyfriend- kind of" ,Look of the Day...

Wearing a Turban: You can find those on Beauty Supply Stores
Scarf: from Old Navy
Gold Earrings: Sorry can't Remember (That's what happens when you buy a LOT)

Bag: Louis Vuitton
Shoes: Steve Maden (animal Print)
Pants: Old Navy
The Ring: Got it at Nordstrom Rack (Don't know the Brand)

Walking in the Mall...Dolce Vita, Lisbon

Going up the Stairs....
Scarf: Color blocking Old Navy
Blazer: Talbots
Pin: Get it from Nordstrom Rack I Believe
This Post was supposed to go on earlier yesterday, but due to my lack of sleep LOL (Reason: spending too much time blogging lately)
Hope you guys Like it!
Truly yours,


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