😍 In a Place Called HOME 😍

...Hello my Favorite People, I bet you guys miss me a Little right? well I miss you all more; I have been very busy and a little Jet-legged trying to rest a bit, and "working" at the same time on some Organization and re-decorations at my Home sweet Home...I am loving it...Doing a Area specially for me LOL, and of course a place where I can seat and Blog, and show you some Stuff (when I start making some videos) I am very excited here, I have not gone anywhere since I came...I spend time organizing...cleaning...decorating...punching walls...move stuff here and there, blah blah blah...1st Night I slept at my Mom's Apt, felt so Good...and Guess what?! My 2 nephews slept with us too :) the 5 yr one sleeps terrible, just like his auntie Claudia LOL...and the little one is too cute OMG...He woke  up and sat on my mom's lap ...By the way, unfortunately he didn't know me and to him I was a stranger :( But he laugh at me, but sometimes he cried on my lap ... Overall I am enjoying this Quality time with the Family,  check me up cause I will be posting a lot of News!!!
I am finally near my FAVORITE people/things/ and so on...Almost complete LOL
XoXo...Love you all
They say: Sky is The Limit...I say: Don't be Afraid to go that Far, Be Grateful ... Cause not many Reach the Sky! By me


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