The Blog Experience so Far...

Dear Readers I am very HAPPY with my blog, I am getting lots of Positive FeedBack from friends, which is good, it makes me more inspired, and able to EXPLORE the vast World of "Blogs" understand it a lot more and improve mine as time goes by.
I Got inspired by this Girl named Yara Monica, her Blog is: ; Before I was involved as a "founder/collaborator" of a Blog, created by a friend of mine, but I was very busy with school and personal matters that I was not IN to Blogs, although I created but found it very difficult to manage (one of the reasons why I got into this Blogger provider, was because I found it a lot easier than Wordpress). I am new to the "THING" still, but I am sure I will succeed, because now I got to go over TONES of blogs, I get very inspired by others, and I am exploring successfully ... It is really not so HARD. "Piece of Cake" LOL!!!

The advantages I see on being a Blogger ( I am not sure if it is the right term I should Use...since I am a Starter, every term Counts :) )

  • It gives me the opportunity to "Talk to myself"
  • Improve Reading Skills 
  • Re-Educate my Soul
  • Get Organized (in different ways: we can organize our Thoughts, our Lives, plans, Agendas...) 
  • Learn from other people life's Experiences
  • Become more Aware of the World we are living In
  • Sharing
  • Communicate with one Others
  • Networking 
  • Discuss Current Events Matters, Fashion Trends (big blog Subject)
  • Show how Gifted we are, by that I mean: talents, abilities, creativity,knowledge...and so fort
  • Let other people know about me, myself and people involved in my life (depending on what's my blog about) 
  • My Likes and Dislikes
  • Passions we Have
  • Informative
... And The List Goes On and On..

The Disadvantages in my POV (point of view) it might have are very few:

  • Some people are not so well educated and become Disrespectful 
  • Destructive Comments
  • Unappropriated Posts such as: Content that might be Offensive/Pornographic content    
  • The use of Slang
  • People may STOP BY your blog but will not Comment
  • Lack of Understanding 
...That's basic all I can think of right now!

Besides, I looked up on wiki and decided to share what I read with you all, it might be something that you have read it before you started your own, and some information might be new to some:
I am OPEN to suggestions, comments, and ways to HELP me on this Journey. I also would like to acknowledge my Friend Malu, her blog is she is very kind always, great advices and always supporting me! She tells me always to KEEP GOING! 

Thanks for Reading and Loving!
Truly yours,
CCN_Claki Designs


  1. :) Só ter paciência. Gostei do Blog, fashionistas on the making! :D

  2. Ja estou paciente!
    Thanks a Lot!!! :)

  3. Só hoje vi isso, ClaKi... Thanks for the acknowledgement! Alway here, girl...


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