... Panic Attack...1st Gray Hair!!!

Am I getting Old?!

Why before 30?!

What?! Should I Color my Hair?! LOL ... Some say Gray Hair is Sexy, not signs of "getting old"
Better NOT BE!!!

Dear Readers I got MAD because I found a Gray Hair...and I showed to my Mom and she laughted at me saying: "Before age 30"
Well there's nothing to Panic about it... I am still Me...


  1. Hi Lovely!
    Check out my blog , there is an award for you :D

    xoxo ❀✿ Daisy ✿❀

  2. Just imagine that my grandomther is 87 and she doesnt have one single grey hair on her head!!!
    just lovely and soft blonde hair. Its unbelievable!
    I hope I will be as lucky as she is :)

  3. @Daisy ... You are SO CUTE!!! Let me go There and Take a Look at my Award!
    Muahhh Honey!


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