Happy Blated Mother's Day

To all the moms I know and don't know, if you are a mother and happened to stop by my Blog, I salute and Celebrate you!

My Mother's Day Celebration went well, can't complain ... 

Started off with a Great Church Sevice and after I had a meeting with the Wonderful Women and Mother of my Church on the app Zoom, It was amazing and very inspiring. I just love to listen to the women at my church they are like family to me since I don't have the women of my family nearby, I have them.

Hubby Cooked and made me a delicious Cocktail (felt like we were at some restaurant - LOL) and the girls helped me set up the table. Overall it was a great day! 

Hubby also got me Some flowers, actually not some, one of my favorite ones, Peonies ...love them... and I think they go well with my China vases.
That's my Mangotini... made by Hubby

You have no idea how much my girl love cookies, and guess what? I tried pieces of that M...because they both ate all, ups daddy said he at least got to eat one. I guess I was not supposed to eat them LOL

The Love is Real!
Hope your Mother Day was one of a Kind and you got do Celebrate with your loved ones!



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