Hello Friday

Hi there everyone,
It has been a while that I do not post for my English readers, so here am I ... How's everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing fine. I am already home, in my PJs, actually in bed but not ready no sleep... that's my "inspirational time" that's when I got to think of good things. Well, I am planning on reading my devotionals, and finish up 2 books I am reading, yes I said two!

Let me tell you, I am so happy that I am sitting in a position that I didn't know I was able to do it again LOL I used to sit like this when I was young, I mean younger, and when I took a Semester of Yoga in College. OMG, That was a while back... I don't know what is this position is called, let me google it (still, don't know) 
I thought this one was a funny one
Back to my main purpose for this post Today, while I was at work I decided to get busy since I was in the Fitting room, sometimes it can be very tedious so I grab my phone (I know I was not supposed to, but hey ...) I read my book... and while reading the inspiration for this post came:
Hello Friday, 
Here am I at my work, bored as F. Because I am covering fitting room today, so since I don’t have much to do, unless costumers come to try on clothes (I will have to talk about that too, lol), and after a few weeks here (fitting room) every now and then I am a master at it. 

I am taking the time to read my book “ we are going to need more wine “ by Gabrielle Union and planning in my head that when I go home I am going to continue my reading and seat in the sofa 🛋 with a glass of red wine 🍷 (in my dreams ) I barely sit down ... I am always up to something it the house.

The reason, why I decided to make this post, is that I read something in the book that got me thinking... but let me first show u what a read:

“What’s on your Happy List?” Coach asked.
“My what?”
You gotta do a Happy List,” she said. “Tell me the things that make you happy.”

Excerpt From
We're Going to Need More Wine
Gabrielle Union
This material may be protected by copyright. 

I usually think about stuff for my “ wishlist, things I want (but don’t need most of the time), never thought of a Happy List ...what makes me happy? I usually say it out loud, but I am going to write to them and every now and then check them. 

Right now on my happy list is the fact that in about 1hr I am off from work and today is Friday which I love. My family and I are going to enjoy some family time at home (of course ) maybe watch movies and enjoy each other’s company. Sounds like a plan ...
Just to "Closeout" this post, the plans I had vanished... I got home, sat in the chair, while my Brie was in the oven (by the way check out my Instagram Food account ), ate it with a glass of red wine (as I planned) then I start feeling tired... went upstairs where everybody else was ... one daughter fall asleep (now they are awake, knowing that its the weekend) I laid in bed with them...took my nap in between my Brazilian soap operas and now I am ready to do my readings!

See you soon,


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