Early Valentine's Day Gift

Hello Loves,
Hope this post finds you all well ... I am Good myself... can't complain ... it was a fantastic Sunday, I goto to go to Church to get my blessing and recharged for my week ahead. Good, this is that on Wednesdays I go for my Mid-Week recharge of the Word of God, we have Bible Study at Noon, we call it Lunch with the Lord.

Well, according to the calendar, this week is Valentine's Day ... do you have big plans?! It's Friday y'all. We usually don't do anything fancy, I mean, we have dinner at home, the four of us, if this is fancy, yes we do then(LOL). I usually get flowers or buy them for the table decorations, cook a good meal for the family to enjoy... I have to see what the plans are because I am doing a Fasting, and Hubby and I are on a Diet... we can still have our diet and have fine dining with the girls at home, can't we?! I guess so.

And now into the good part...
As my Title says, Early Valentine's Day Gift ... hell yeah... Happy Feet, If you know what I mean?! Yes I mean my Closet got a new pair of shoes, and I am beyond happy... This time I went to something a little bit out of my "comfort zone" kind of... I am not a big fan of black shoes, but these are not a normal/regular kind of Black shoes... these are CHANEL Mules Lambskin and Satin ... Love at First sight LOL.

Hope you liked this post as much I loved making it, see you soon,


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