Happy Vday to we all

Or Should I say, Happy Victory Day?
To me, it's more of a victorious day than a Valentine, although my hubby managed well I always feel that I failed to my family. But truth be told, I did not...it was just that flu that got me so hard this time at the wrong time, or not...

Happy Valentine's Day,
I hope you had an amazing Day ... filled with love and good sweet things around you ... well, I spent most of my day in bed, yes in bed... not with hubby, I am actually avoiding too much contact because I do not want the family to get sick. I did make the effort to come downstairs and eat with the family, this means the world to the girls and also us, but I am back in bed.... with my laptop so I can make that post possible.

Let me tell you guys about this possible outfit I created. Not that we had plans, we usually love to spend Vday with the girls... ever since they were born, Valentine's is with them, but I would definitely wear this outfit at home with my loved ones and have hubby take pictures of me for sure. The shoes you already know (from the previous post), the handbag is a cuttie new one, from my work, and the top is an oldie but goodie, heart rings got them as Xmas gift from Mom  (she knows me like that) I promise I want to wear this.... and then I will show you guys how it came out!

Dinner was amazing ... I am going to stop because  Girlfriend here is addicted to an old TV series/show I watched before Being Mary Jane, I might write a blog post on this because I don't know why I am watching it.

Well, for now, it's all, see you soon


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