Saturday Look : Camel with Animal Print

 Hi there Folks,
Today FINALLY I got to post a past Look,

 Every time you see a Look of the Day Kind of it's because I PRetty much Begged for a few "Clicks"
Hubby has the tendency to say NO, I have to insist and sometimes I get tired of insisting I just change my Cloths...
 I had no idea What to wear, it was COLD... But I pulled of my Cream Game and add this animal print Faux fur scarf; both coat and scarf were brought in Portugal a while back, my Boots are UGGS and the pants are from RAMPAGE brought at Macys last year 

 I wish Hubby was more "Agressive" on taking pictures of me, I've being blogging for almost 7yrs now, I guess Its time to take it a bit more serious, I will hire a Photographer at LEAST ONCE just to see how much improvement I can get "Posing"
I am serious ... I Love being ME, but a little help will not Hurt

 I dont Have to say that I was not happy with the photos, but hey, I better post it anyways... its better than nothig! I hope the next Post of Look comes out a little better than this one. 

That's all for today,

Truly yours,


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