Yellow Bags

I am sure I´ve told you before that yellow is my favorite color, right?! I bet you hear it many times. Last Week I felt in Love with a Sunny yellow bag, from Louis Vuitton, it was love at first sight (LOL) 
It´s not mine YET, but it will be, I just hope that nobody gets my Sunshine. 
Here is she:

LV Citron Yellow Epi Alma

I mention the bag because it´s trendy, and I keep my eyes open when it´s about Trends ,of course that I don´t follow every trend; Realistically speaking, nobody does... but every other It´s a crime not to.

Many Celebrities are the ones who "ALERT" the non- celebrities like myself into the trends...
Spotted celebrities in the Streets with yellow bags are:
Kate Moss, Selma Blair and Cameron Diaz

One important aspect to mention about TRENDS and celebrities is!?! You don´t need to go buy the exactly same bag! there are TONES of options, prices, and so and so... Following trends is accordingly  our possibilities... My honest opinion!
Soon I will be posting about this so called "necessity" to "Show-Off" with knockoffs /Fake Stuff ..Sorry for being Honest! 
There´s so many affordable, less expensive-Stuff that we can roll with...
Enough Said!!!

About the color:

 Yellow:   is the color of gold, is commonly associated with the sun/sunshine, reason, optimism and pleasure, but also with envy, jealousy and betrayal. 
 So be aware when you are "rolling" with your Yellow bag LOL...some will love and many will be Jealous hahahha!
(Since I Love the Color very much, I promise to soon make a post about it) 

Hope you like my Post,
Claudia ClaKi


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