Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Here I Come

Hello Lovers, 
To start of a great month nothing is more exciting than being able to go to a Fashion event of this Magnitude Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2013
I feel the luckiest fashionista alive (LOL) honestly...I am always on the "Hunt" of things to do, places to go, and what´s going on in the City where I am Staying for Months. Well I am Lucky because I have "connections" (Joking) once I asked my In-Law about it he was aware and told me that he was going to get invitations for sure... WOW
I am OVER Excited....Don´t know YET what to wear, but I don´t even care, this is one event that me being there is what matters at the moment hahaha...So I will definitely take a few pictures, no doubt I will be looking for FAMILIAR FACES (LOL) and yes I will do my best to look Good!
So that´s pretty much the first good new of the month, and I hope you guys are excited for me...LOL
Wish me Luck...
Claudia ClaKi


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