Part I- Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin

AFDB- Africa Fashion Day Berlin
Hey Lovers, I decided to divide this post into parts so that you can understand it a bit better...So part I will consist on the venue, the Lobby area where we waited before the show was a bit delayed because they were rehersing ...but at least they were serving some refreshments!
I had a Glass of Champagne ... and took a couple of pictures to show you guys how people were dressed and how was the venue organized!
People Caught on Pictures: 

I apologize for the poor Quality of my Pictures, I choose not to travel with my big camera, and that´s what I get! Shame!

Fashion ID Booth

Maybelline Booth

Projections of a Runway show

Ladies chatting... 

 The Crowed

I have to say that I really loved this outfit...  could you believe this is the second time I am seeing this lady here in Berlin and she wore the Exactly same outfit!? LOL I guess it´s her Favorite...Hello!!!
I Saw her on African Day...At least she´s a Proud African! 

I Have to Say I loved this Floral-Jacket, It´s Trendy and Love the way she paired it with, very Casual...What about her Short-Hair Style!? Loved it... 

This Picture was specifically to the Girl in the Blue Dress... I called her "The Mermaid" You have to see her HUGE Clutch ! It WoWed me as I saw it...The Neon Shoes I liked!

... Off Course I Had to go to her and take a Picture! See the size os that Clutch!? I Told her I loved the Clutch! YEs I did, but Not with that Dress! SORRY!!! Her Friend was OK! 

Proud African, Big, Curvy Lady... LOVED IT!

And that´s about it on my People caught on Pictures of Part I
Truly yours,
Claudia Claki


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