Part II MBFW- Berlin

Hello my Beloved Readers, 
here am I continuing my Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin. I have to tell you that this is my second post about it...I finished and all of the sudden it would not publish and when I refreshed the page it was all gone! Urgh... I will try to remember to do exactly as I did before...LOL...rarely happens.
So, it was an experience for a life time, since I don´t know when and where I might be attending an event like that...we never know...

The Fashion Show and the Designers

...Africa Fashion Day, let it Start...

I liked how they organized it, it was very easy to find your sit...

Me sited, unfortunately I was alone... 

How Quickly the sits were taken...

Spotted, a Mini-Fashionista...ahahaa...Loved it!

Green´s the Color of the Year do you guys know  it!? So use it! 

The crowed

Spotted... Leather Jacket and I absolutely loved her Shoes! 

The Show is about to Begin...


This GRAND ENTRANCE wowed everyone in the Room...this Guy Rocked high heels, loved is hair and his Attitude!  The chosen sound Track was also Great, and by that I was pretty Sure It was going to be a great Fashion Show... Indeed it was! Although Short! 


And the First Designer was:
Romero Bryan: London born, his love of fashion is in his genes- many members of his family were in the Fashion industry. He began honing his designs and sewing skills at the age 12. Uner the watchful eyes of his school teachers, he spent his lunch breaks working with fabrics and old Vogue patterns supplied by his mentors. His talet was discovered when he was 14by stylist Cynthia Lawrence-John who took him under her wings and dressed music artists in his creations.
His first designs caught the international media´s attention in 2001 at BRIT Awards in London. Bryan studied Fashion Design at the London College of Fashion. His garments have been worn by celebrities such as Alek Wek, Alicia Keys, Elizabeth Jagger and Kelly Rowland, to name but a few. 


Sequins with Black

People caught on Pictures

This Dress took my and everybody´s else "Breath away"
Look at the Geometric forms of it?
 Next Designer is:
Nadir Tati: is the reference in contemporary Angolan Fashion, for the finesse in conceiving her clothes and their genuine African character, which she claims as her signature. I am proudly saying that she definitely embraces the African prints into her designs and by far was the only one in show who did that. 10 Thumbs up... and the Slogan: Africa is now is appropriated for her creations. of my Favorite combos...Back part

Front part...Lovely

White and browns 


Statement Dress...Loved this Red one...very Elegant

Red and Gold

 And Last Designer is:
Arrey Kono: trained in Paris, Milan and Berlin, she had the chance to be inspired by the work of well-known designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Julien Mcdonalds. Her works is characterized by haute couture standards, extravagance and uniqueness. Experimenting with precious fabrics and unconventional combination of materials are her trademarks.This earned her an international reputation of being a trend-setter in the fashion world.

The Designer herself
 The Ending...
Designers and Models came and it was the end of a great experience!!! Bravo!!!

The Models

Yeah they did it!
I was amazed with what I saw...I was delightful to be there, and I hope you guys likes this post. The Bio about the designers I got from the booklet I got in the Fashion show... I did not wrote everything it but at least a little bit about the designers! 
Truly yours,
Claudia ClaKi


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