Time Well Spent!

Hello Dear all,
I am so excited to share with you some pictures from Last Night with the Family, we went to Alfama, one of the Oldest areas in Lisbon where Architectural elements are everywhere, the beauty is from the old facades, and known for the wonderful restaurants where you can enjoy the Greatest of Portuguese Cuisine and Listen to FADO.
There's always something interesting to look UP!

I stopped to pose for the Picture!
Wearing: CK Blue Coat
Boots by UGGS
Pants Levi's
Scarf from H&M
Headpiece From H&M

All close they are to each other



It's all about the BECOS (Means tiny little roads/passageways around the city)

Theere's always a "Funny Guy" also know as entertainer  in the streets

...That Blue Vintage Motorcycle 

The Restaurant Sign!

Ready to Start my Adventure...Taste Great food and Enjoy Lisbon's Finest FADO

My Plate

Not the Best of us...

One of My Favorites of all


I Like it

I love it

Believe me, if the Shop was opened I'd definitely buy me Something


I Hope you guys Enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed Going to Alfama with my Family, we had a Wonderful time!


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