My Trip to Coimbra

It's now becoming a habit ... While we are in Portugal, going to Coimbra is a must! I used to live there, a couple years ago, and my uncle too, so it's a family thing! We stayed in a very cozy Hotel, my little corner was very comfy! I stayed at the same room as my brother and uncle since my husband stayed in Lisbon and my mom, granny and her sister stayed in another room! Let me tell you... My corner was small, I didn't even thought I'd fit in a single bed anymore, well I did and before falling asleep I read a few pages of the book I am avoiding the end because its so good( I will definitely make a post about it)
Enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed my stay in Coimbra! I also never thought I would one day drive in Coimbra! ;)

First Impression: Will I fit? Off Course I me was like a Prison Bed (Never been to prison) what I think it is LOL and the fact that the Bed is on the wall...I actually slept Great!

My Corner... At beginning I thought I'd make some posts from there, but I didn't...I don't know why I insist in bringing my ipad with me, I barely use it! 

Small but yet Clean and spacious

The View from my Window

At the Doctor's Office...yes I got my eyes checked...and Guess what?! I MUST use my glasses every time I am working! ask me if I have my glasses on right now?! Off Course NOT! :) 

I remember passing by that street countless times! 
There's a reason why I  took a picture of it... it was my spot back then! 


  1. Ó minha linda so agora vi que estiveste na minha cidade! Espero que te tenhas divertido muito e que tenhas comido uns domingos típicos que sao uma perdição! Beijinhos querida

  2. Enganei-me, queria dizer "bolinhos típicos"


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