...Last hours in Paris

There's a Say: "What's good lasts in Shorter period of time..." But I've used and enjoyed every bit of my time in Paris; Even if my flight gets cancelled the only thing I might do is go back to Maison Objet and visit what I am pretty sure I didn't have the time to do it. But guess what?! I miss Home, both Portugal (Where my hubby is, and where I am going) and Angola (Home country where I haven't been for the past 3months  and my family). I want to go back to my reality with a totally different Attitude and very Optimistic! Looking forward to find a job, to continue doing my crafts, and start getting serious about my company/brand/business...Well I am just sharing this, because I got inspired by coming to Paris, unexpectedly; Did some great network and good advice from professionals! Met a few very nice people and so and so! I am taking a quick nap, because our flight is going to be very early in the morning!
Au Revoir... Bisous
Goodbye ... kisses


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