Make Up Addiction ...Can't Help...Coleção de Maquilhagem!

 Hello Dear all, 
This post is About this "Ridiculous" addiction I can't Help,
Here are some of my make up STUFF...Many are new and some I have for quit a bit! I know I am not the only one living with this disease, Guess what?! There's LOT more to this collection that you can't even tell...I decided to share with you all...I have high brands and Lower brands; Lately I've been a bit more into the High brands since I stop buying Bags, shoes and so and so LOL I start investing in my Beauty Section!
Hope you like it...I am going to List all for you later on...Should I?! You let me know! 
Of course there's my DIOR's, I forgot to take pictures! (Will post them later)

Este post é sobre este vicio ridiculo que tenho por maquilhagem e não consigo me ajudar, aqui estão algumas das coisas que tenho... Muitos são novos e alguns já tenho a algum tempo! Eu sei que não sou a única com esta mesma doença, e sabe do que mais?! Tenho MUITO mais da coleção para mostrar, que até fico envergonhada.... Dicidi mostrar-vos...tenho algumas marcas caras e outras mais baratas; Ultimamente confesso que estou mais inclinada para os produtos mais caros, chamo isso investimento na minha seção de Beleza!
Espero que gostem...vou fazer uma listagem de tudo depois...preciso!? Vocês dizem-me!
Claro que ainda faltam os meus productos Dior, esqueci-me de os fotografar! (Vou postar depois! 
1.YSL Pallette Arctic Night 4 wet & dry eye shadows 62J500
2. YSL Lipstick Rouge Volupté Perle
3.YSL Lipstick Rouge Pur Couture #18 (I wear it a lot)
4. YSL Make up Pallette - Pink one (This one I bought on the airplane, very handy to carry around)
5. YSL Pure Chromatics 4 wet & dry shadows #10 (Military Green, amazing and trendy)
6. Chanel Powder Blush 82 Reflex
7.Chanel Lipstick Rouge Allure 110 Délurée (I use it very much)
8. 3 of my Chanel Lip glosses Must worn: Lévres scintillantes 154 (its discontinued cause I cant find it anywhere); Lipgloss Brilliant Lévres; Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss 60 Excés (My Favorite- I don't wear any red lipstick without this one)
9. Rouge CoCo Baume (It's like a clear one, very nice)
10. Nail Polish Frenzy #559 (I gave one to a friend because I bought two without knowing, that's what happens when u don't memorize the name of your make-up products)
11. Nail Polish June #539
12. Chanel Lumiére D'artifices Beiges 5105 (I was a bit disappointed, don't go very well with my skin tone; I will try it over)  

Sephora, except some of the Brushes are MAC cosmetics and others
1.This Sephora Head to Toe Hydrator: for face, body, hands and hair (Not bad at all, it was for free :)
2. Brushes, old and new ones.
3. My Current Favorite Foundation By Sephora Foncé deep 65 (amazing)
4. Sephora Brushes cleanser (Good)
5. My Mate Favorite Glosses by Sephora Rouge Velouté sans transfert 01 and 07
6. Smoothing Primer (Its OK) and The BEST Waterproof Eye make up remover (Love it)

All MAC cosmetics


  1. Claudia you were not kidding when you said that this was an obsession, you really went all out. But me being someone who loves all things beauty related and wanting people to buy and experiment as much as they can am really loving what I see.
    well go and enjoy all the products that you bought and tell us all about the experience o actually wearing them;
    Wich ones you liked best, the ones that you did not really like, when you plan on using them, and yes do not forget to list all of the products because I will be waiting for that list.

    1. Marcela,
      Thanks for stopping by. Well this is JUST what I got with me in Lisbon, as you went on my vanity post, those were my goodies in Angola hahahah ... I am Going to List everything!
      I am more into my dior Eyeshadows and other products that are not in this post! Will make the List asap!


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