Good Morning January 10th

Beloved Readers,
I realized that I haven't proper Welcoming 2013 so I wish you all a very Happy New Year...hoping that it treats you all better than the past years. I Honestly wanted to feel a little better, but I am not, but I am still very optimistic and hoping to have better days! I am starting to set my year goals, prioritizing what really matters and all of that stuff that really makes a difference in someone's life plans!
I wrote before here in the blog about "Strange feelings" here they are again, but at this time I am feeling like I get criticize all the time, like I don't do anything right, even though I struggle myself out to please everyone near me. Fingers pointing at me all the time, and I really feel that I don't deserve... I am not talking about strangers, or people that don't know me, those I care less; I am talking about my family members! The closer ones... for that I started to realized that alone and away from them I am more useful, or less criticized! I Used to HATE been alone, my Forte used to be surrounded by people all the time, but nowadays I am becoming more close, spending lots of time alone, by myself where I am not bother! I guess this is part of me growing...and becoming more mature!
Well my dear all, I am not here to spread out all about my life... I just felt like talking to "you"
Kisses and Hugs


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