30th Bday CountDown ... Contagem para o 30 Aniversário

Hey Beloved Readers,
in exactly 2 months (Late post, meant to be posted Jan.22nd) I am turning 30...ask me how excited I am!? I've been talking about it for the past 6months or so :)... I know what I want but don't want to be too/over excited because plans don't belong to us...God has always decided what's for us!
But I can tell what exactly I am envisioning, a great, VOGUEish 30th bday bash! It don't matter the magnitude of it, to me, I'd rather spend my day with my true friends, family members and enjoy each portion of my day, off course dancing and most important enjoy my day!
So here are some Inspirations for my bday:

Color Scheme: 
I Love how Black & White goes with Hot Pink



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