I am ALIVE, 

I am Here, sorry you all, I've been busy with some priorities. Blogging is my forever "safe place" it's the part of "Doing what I love" but sometimes there are so many other things that I have in front of it that I take a little break. 

Don't get me wrong... I am going to a phase of "arranging my priorities" I am putting family matters in front of all... but here am I, stopping by to say Cheers, I am Here and Alive. Not in my best behavior, but can't complain. Hope you all are fine and having a wonderful week.

My Mondays are Busy ... I don't add Extras to it... unless something very special and important comes up (Next Monday will be my 38th Birthday) so I will sacrifice a day of me Bookclub meeting, because I will be celebrating! 

I hope I have time before my Birthday to stop by and post on the Blog, if not, see you afterwards!

Stay Safe, Be Good,




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