Beauty Talk: Goodies from SEPHORA

 Hey Loves,

Stopping by just to talk about some goodies I got a while back from SEPHORA. If you are new to the blog you might not know that I was (Yes was) a HUGE Fan of Sephora... I guess it all stopped when I start working at the Beauty Department at my work! (I am at Home at the moment but I still call it "my Work") I started "opening up" for more affordable beauty products, but once in a while I decide to change my Beauty Routine a bit because it's necessary.

The First Cream on the Picture (which I forgot to take a photo of) I am trying for the first time. Smells Sooooo Good! I love good smells, and it's to help me "lifting/firming" my body! Well, I can't say I don't trust, I don't believe it, I love to try it out... It might not work perfectly, but at least I gave it a shot!

Clarins Paris

I went to brands I was familiar with, this Oil, for example, I used it before, and right now I think I need it more than I did back then. I am not happy with the Cellulite Living on my Legs so I am ready to "Fight" with whatever I can... I am very serious about my Skin !!!   
Trying out and Loved it !!!

Sleeping Eye Mask, Check... Approved! 

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate

This Face Oil is Good, the truth is I am not deeply in Love. Will use it but won't buy again 

The other ones are part of what I had from the Brand already. Love Laneige very Much, and my skins love it too 
Hope You enjoy this post, 
Let me know if you used one of them before, If not, it's Okay... maybe you'd like to give it a  try!



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