Trendy Thursday: Sneakerhead

The collection just Got bigger... 

Many are old... and some don't fit anymore (truth be told, sometimes I insist on buying them small).

Hello, my Lovies,

Hope everything is well and you are having a Fantastic Week so far... I know we are Trying our Best here to keep our heads up with all going on Globally... so here is a post about some Trendy Goodies I am adding to my Shoe Game/Sneaker Collections!

I could not Resist!!! I am telling you...


Let me start with the first one I brought...white sneakers?! ME?! Well I will TRY...Because I can NOT take care of black ones, imagining keeping the white ones clean! Too Good I don't have anywhere to go; YET, I will wear them at Home, what about it?! Even at home I manage to keep myself Dirty (LOL - I am a big Kid what can I do)

So the reason I Risk on the White Sneakers its because they were no "Regular" white sneakers... I've been on a Hunt for ones but they were sold out. They are so Trendy, what can I do?! When I saw on-line these babies I told myself: "Come to Momma!" With Yellow Flowers/Roses? 

ADIDAS edge lux - The description says they are good Running shoes...well too bad I Do Not Run...but I will sure Style them up with something Good! 


These Reebok brought me GOOD MEMORIES... early 90's my first and only trip to South Africa with my Mom. I got a cool Reebok T-shirt... 

On another trip to Portugal, my brother was Begging for "Reebok Pump", my mom got so upset because he was repeating he wanted the pumps like "right now" LOL. I haven't use Reeboks for years, I was searching for trendy shoes and they came up... It was So hard to decide... I went for some Classic Legacy; The Colors are So DOPE...and, to be honest, I have my eyes on other colors...will check their sales later on this year (LOL).

Last but not least, Converse All STARS baby...Since WHEN they make Tennis shoes that Comfy?! OMG... at least these ones are so so "spongy" feel like I am Stepping on a pillow. I got them from Marshalls, recently saw another color at Ross...too bad they were white ( I Don't do White shoes - Let's see how I manage cleanness with the ADIDAS edge lux. 

Well my Loves.

That's about it... I promise to bring to the Blog some looks with my gorgeous and comfy Sneakers soon! Stay Safe and Be Positive,



Ps: Check this link for a Fantastic Interview on US TODAY about the Sneaker's Trend


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