It was Pajama Day

 Hi there,

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend... I Can't Complain because mine/ours was great! For the Last 7 Months it was only us, and this weekend FINALLY we had company... our niece spent time with us. The girls love having company, especially during meals!

As of me Today, was awake pretty early deciding if I should get up and get ready to attend the Drive-In Church Service but I decided to see it from Home, in my Bed... for some reason, I was not feeling led to go, so I stayed... felt asleep right after the service, and then woke up for a fantastic breakfast ordered. Yesterday hubby said "No Cooking Sunday"  that's one of the reasons I let myself stay in my PJs all day long...and now, getting ready for a warm shower...readings and maybe finish up a great Netflix Series that I am Binging: "Emily In Paris" very me, things I love, FASHION, PARIS, and ROMANCE of Course (lol); A little bit of Art/Architecture and Food! I truly recommend this Series.

Should be working on my weekly agenda but seems like I will be doing tomorrow because there are a few things left from last week!

Wish u all an amazing Start of the Week,




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