The RUNWAY Event @Work

Hi there!!!
First I was all undecided if I should write this post in English or Portuguese... still I'm ...maybe I will write in Portuguese as well.
It's September baby!!! and Guess what's happening at my work?! YES a fashion event... The RUNWAY if you are in the area check us out... lots of goodies, TOP Brands (Is you are a Fashionista like myself) I will probably just Look (yeah right) YES I am not going to buy anything... cough cough ... But I am also very excited to see all crazy people like me "running" for thhe good stuff... I might not see a LOT because I work for the Home Department ... anyways... today they started putting merchandise out and my eyes rolled... but I am the type of fashionista that I know what I want so I don't get crazy over everything...besides, I DON'T NEED ANYTHING LoL
(YEah Right)

I am not in the company for too long, so I am not sure how often it happens, good thing I know about that particular store I now work for, I always got GREAT stuff!
I will try to do a VLOG tomorrow, not sure after work if I will have time for it...but trust me it will be interesting to be part of an event like that.

Here is a sneak peak of what I saw today:

Uhmmm...not a big fã

Leather Goodies! 

Valentino Flats... I don't like the rock studs 

That D&G is super cute, but... It did get me!
Well, that's about it... I wished my friends were around and stopped by the store to see some of the goodies, if you happen to be in the area, stop by!

Claudia ClaKi


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