This past Christmas

I couldn't let this moment pass by without pampering our Christmas, a family moment, which we share with love, and laughs...this year couldn't be different ; Although my husband wasn't here at this very important Christmas ... I am pregnant, and I wished he was here! But It's all good...
The Decoration was simple, yet red and cute I guess! 
It was our first Christmas here in the house, So I was pleased to create a great environment ...
Here is the table:

Red and Silver with christmas's plates

Close up

Goo thing about being here in Portugal, You buy almost everything! Sweets...
The Sweet and Salty Table, finger foods and Champagne! 

Details of our Christmas's tree...the Heart saying "Our First Christmas" I got it in the US  and used on my first Christmas back home at my Apartment so I decided to bring to Portugal! (Good thing I saved it...and will be using again who knows when!!!)

The Christmas's tree...few presents, nobody had time to get presents because everybody got here either a day before christmas or on christmas day! I hope next year the tree got fuller... at list we were all happy together!


Me posing near the Christmas's Tree
This sweater I got it from PRIMARK "Jingle My Bells"
Hair and Make-up done by me....

Hope you Like this Updated post of my Christmas
Claudia Claki


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