Sweet Dreams - Inspirations

Oh I feel like a dreamer every time I am searching for stuff on Twins's rooms. All the inspirations are gorgeous, everything so peaceful, so cute, so soft and delicated that makes me wanting to be in each of these rooms already with my girls... And then I wake up...from the dream because I am not even close to it... It all needs to start from scratch... Which I already have precise ideas of how I want it... Just worried about the space I got, it will be need lots of work and all! I wish by then I got a new space! (LoL ... Seriously, I am such a dreamer, but reality check I NEED a BIGGER SPACE back home) 
Well, let me dream still...

Aren't they something?! Ohhh Dear....
I can't stop thinking about a space for my twins, I starting buying some stuff of course, Randomly: Picture frames, I already know the theme I want for the Nursery, Hope I find a Great Wall paper (Wow can't even believe I am talking about wall paper) Yes, I am more into DIY person, I prefer painting it as I desire, but I will see...If I find the Right Pink .... I go with paint! 
Well just decided to show you these just as I dream about the Nursery I get inspirations for my Girl's nursery! 
Have a Great Day,
Truly urs,
Claudia ClaKi 


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