Interior Designing from miles away

The Interior designer in me will never be gone, although a little out of focus, guessing I will need to do me an upgrade as soon as I am available (that may take quiet sometime, now that I will be a mom). It's still one of my big passions, the dream that came true, I got my bachalor's degree on it, so it can disappear for no reason! 
I still got it and will always, although I don't show much, because lately I don't do much... I am still undone with the house here in Lisbon... Getting there... Soon will post some pictures! This is a post from a friend's house which I was very happy to give her a few advices on it! First of all... Never been to her place, saw it by pictures she sent me... We are miles away... But she told me her "struggles" and what she wanted and I gave her some hints to make her house a little bit more colorful and pleasing to the family! Thrown pillows are always a plus when your sofa feels "boring" without any, or with ones exactly the same color/material as the sofa! 
Her wall near the dinning area was empty and she wanted some wall decals! Go for it girl! I wouldn't organize or place as she did, But at least the wall isnt empty anymore.
On the Tv wall ... My least favorite before/after she changed too... Got rid of that corner table with the printer, placed a vase (honestly if it's natural I wouldn't place near ac/heat); and she add to wall paintings... I would move them on the wall of the sofa, which is big as well and empty. Normally the tv wall is already busy with tv, wall paintings on them I wouldn't risk it! 
Well, that's pretty much about my friend's before and after! I got really happy for her to come to me and ask me to advice ... I appreciate it! 
I think hers is still a work in progress which is good, and she can always keep moving things around to change the environment at her apartment! I now and then love me some changes! 
What about you?!? 
House decorations, re-decorations ... Re-using what you already have! Placing in different places! I love it... Will feel like you got new stuff! While we re-placed/ modified !!! 
For now that's all... And don't forget! If in doubt... Come and ask because I still am an Interior Designer ! 
Claudia ClaKi 

Photo credites: my Friend 


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