Thinking out Loud!

Honestly, will you be rude telling your personal opinion that something is "just not right"? or you rather keep quiet and don't tell your honest opinion about something (it could be a Look,  a word or an opinion, a photo, a decoration, anything...), or just "Pretend" that It's right because of the majority is saying?! Oh it really looks "Lovely-NOT" I think its so wrong... what I usually do, I keep it to myself, but until when?! I know people have their Own way of receiving/interpreting things for themselves, but my true opinion...Be true to yourself and to others!  right! So why should I avoid saying what I think?! Because others are not willing to hear or face the truth!?'s because we are building a "society" full of lies (another personal opinion). Where when you say your opinion people get so defensive: "Because I like it", " It's the way I am!" Oh Please... some even think you getting on their business! Please... nowadays, once you "Post it" it get's peoples attention; If you want to keep it a secret, or on the Low...don't show it... cause by showing your "business" you are letting people getting into "Your businesses" This ins't "HATE" .... Well sometimes yes you didn't ask for no one's opinions, but hey, if it isn't right, or good.... I think honesty does not hurt! Sometimes is changing things that are wrong... we have to start accepting easily, considering more other people's opinions; Off course, when we have our own opinions we must valued them, without discarding other's opinions because we are not perfect!!! Is this a Perfect World?! We wish... How boring would it be?! Just saying...
That's all for now!
Claudia Claki


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