Zero Tolerance for Fake(ism)/ Tolerância Zero para Falsidade

Call it Fake, knock offs, replicas, affordable, look alike or whatever, I can't stand them! Sorry if I may sound mean, or irrational, but I rather be the "cheap chic chick" than the "shitty fake chick". Some may say that I am only saying that because I am fortunate to have real goods! Well think as you wish is really NOT because I can afford << some >> real goods its because I put myself into Designer's shoes... (I think I've said that before) I do my crafts and I use my imagination and creativity not to see someone COPY my creations pretending they were the creators!!! WTF (sorry!) it really pisses me off ... Well I am pretty sure my Zero Tolerance for Fake(ism) will not make any difference cause some people love fake, love to wear them, and its just like we see lots of people with fake personalities just like those who wear fake! No Offense...
Life is about choices... Anyone has the right to choose what they want! I chose to be authentic and if I can not afford it I dream that one day I Will... I am a Dreamer!!! Dreams are great and I love they are Zero cost!!!
Besides, there are tones of affordable options that we can go for... some of them are Called INSPIRATIONS!!! I love to be inspired by...something, anything , simple things! 
I read This out loud to my husband and he told me I was being "brutal" with my words!!! And I realize I was... Sorry But I am not taking back what I said!!
Agree or disagree ... That's my opinion!

Claudia Claki


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