Blessed Sunday

All I can say is that when God works in our favor we feel it so deep inside and as we wake up, everything just starts to flow smoothly as we wish...
I woke up, with the help of my alarm clock, yeah but hours before I opened my eyes, because I was excited, did not want to miss Church, actually did not want to get lost, cause I was going to drive to a place I never been to, in a country I am just visiting and not familiar with... So everything could happen but, gladly nothing happened! I got there same and here is what I wrote while I was in the House of God:
Today I drove to an unknown church... I should I've done this a long time ago, but like I always say, "it's better late than never" and here am I at International Baptist Church in Berlin, praise The Lord ; he is great all the times! 
The service has not started and I feel great already! People here are very sympathetic they come to you with a smile on their face and greed you with their heart! I feel blessed! Thank you jesus! 
After the service I tell you all about my great experience! 

I am definitely going to come every Sunday I spend here in Berlin, I am God's child, I need his forgiveness and his help throughout my journey ... Worship was amazing, I felt like I was back in the States, at my Church... well I was actually at my new church, now in Berlin! Oh I can't even express the feeling... I think you only understand me if you are a Christian and you feel good about going to church and feel blessed! You know what I am saying?!? 
After worship we gather for some refreshments! I met some people and went to talk with the Pastor... This is God working in my Favor! Believe me!  
Can I complain about anything ?!? No way... I am just glad my Sunday is Blessed and hope yours is as well!!! 
One Love
Claudia ClaKi


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