❤ Welcoming Xmas ❤

Hello Lovers, 
I noticed that I have made several post this Month already but I haven't properly "Welcome December"
Well, I've been a bit busy, there are some painting going on at my aunt's apt; shopping (not for gifts or anything...still on my project, the house is looking good, will post pics when furniture pieces arrive) so here am I welcoming one of my favorite months...
December 1 is my Dad's Bday, I called him, he was happy with my international/long distance call; I can go a year long without calling him, but on his Birthday its like  Auto pilot".
Xmas is right around the corner, and let me tell you, I have not purchase a xmas tree for my Mom's House?! I am starting with the ornaments 1st...and many are gone...I have to go here and there to find...at the right time I am sure I will have something figured out!
Presents?! I am so undecided don't know what to buy to whom?! Well my cousin is safe because today I brought him a Gentleman's book.
My gift list is short this here because I am unemployed and not getting much from my business; so I will get money from mom and Hubby LOL (Just being honest)
It would be easier if we decide to exchange gifts...but since its going to be to late to do so I think I will have to prioritize: Hubby (because he always gets me something and it's our 3rd Anniversary on the 18th...could you tell I've been married for 3yrs?! LOL and we've been 2gether for many); I think my mom this year will not get anything because my last year's present is still wrapped LOL so I will find something for my grandmother instead...but something she's going to use for sure!
My godparents also deserve a gift from me, they are my parents. And I think that's about it LOL... 
Well I think this year I am more in the mood to receive than give!
Hope u enjoy this post,
Stop by more often,
Sincerely, *Me*
Claudia Claki


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