12.12.12 so what?! Last Year we had 11.11.11 and the year after 10.10.10

...Hello Dear Readers,
Not that I am being mean or anything, just being honest and true to myself ...what the matter of 12.12.12? It happens every year...my God...People love tend to be so repetitive those days with things that don't really matter... and as time goes by I feel that increasing...Let's think about our brothers and sister in need...lets make plans for next year...sorry there will not be a 13.13.13 LOL that's probably why they are talking about "12.12.12" so freaking much...to me it's a beautiful date, and I'd love to hear  about someone who turns 12 today...well somewhere in this HUGE world someone is definetly someone turning 12!!!!
Just a "Loud" thought!
Truly yours,
Claudia Claki


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