My Lovely Xmas ... Meu Natal

Hello Lovers, 
I hope you had a great Xmas,
mine was wonderful...nothing like what I expected but greater than my expectations!
Although we were not Completed we had a Blast! Hope you enjoy my pictures!
Wish u a great Holliday's Season!
Eat pray and Love!
That was the table...Last minute Decorations and settings came out Great!
Center Piece 
Our Wonderful table! By me!

Inside Table with Sweets

Coffee Table with Appetizers 

Me after Setting the Tables, stopped for a picture!

Inside: Xmas Tree and Gifts...I decided to place the Xmas Tree at the Entrance. Do you like it?

The Hats were the plates mat...

Eating time!

Laugh out Loud: Hubby and Uncles

Presents Moment...Me and my Godparents!

The Kiss...Giving his Gift

My Godfather Loved it! I am Glad

The Bag-pack I gave to my Cousin

My Gift!!! Thank You hubby! You are THE BEST!!!

Receiving the Gift my godmother got me! 

My crazy Cousin/Brother

All I got!

Moment of the Truth!!! Yeahhh...Dreams do come True!

His Gift for himself! 

What I Got!!!

Two Wonderful CDs from my Uncle!!! LOVED it very much!!!


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