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Dear All,
sometimes I wake up wishing to sleep for a couple of Days...Honestly, LOL, I am laughing but that's the feeling I frequently have. Life has not being easy, but hey, who told me it has to be easy!? In order to have a GREAT/Wonderful life, we have to go thru situations, obstacles and most important overcome all of the barriers in order to get what we REALLY WANT!!!
I Love the way God is Testing me, he is Definetly preparing GREAT things for me...I know That! So let me keep Pushing and Pressing and NEVER GIVE UP!!!

By the way I have News...Time is Flying and I have this BIG EVENT coming up, my friend's Daughter 1st Bday Party, and guess who's going to be the planner?! I am, FINALLY Doing what I love to do!!! Planning...although not an easy task when there's lots, ups...TONES of limitations in the motherland, but I am not here to Complain, I am here to tell you guys how excited I am to help out my friend! Yes Yes!!! Of Course I will post Pictures, but for that, you Guys will be waiting About 2months LOL!!! Yes, it's going to be in June, and yes we'r planning ahead of time because it has to be like that! It's Called ORGANIZATION.

...I am not sure if I mentioned my Natural Hair Journey?!?! Probably Not, Here is a little about it. When I graduated from college, December 2011, I decided that I wanted A NEW BEGINING, NEW LIFE STYLE sort of; basically I wanted to change, by changing I don't mean just appearance, but "transformations to take place" Those are: Setting Goals; Set priorities; Saving more, spending Less (Yes I mean Money $$$); Becoming more Productive, Care more about me, and those who really care about me. Well I started off shaving my Head off; I loved it!!! I've done it before (When I graduated from High School actually) But this time it was different, why!? Because I did it for me!!! Because I wanted to, not because I thought it was cool, or it was trendy "everyone is doing it", or because someone did, I did it! Even though my husband and my mother did not want me to do it; I did!!!
It has been 4 months now, I still get complements that I look good with Short Hair. Secret is: "Know exactly what suits you!" It's Growing, and sometimes I feel frustrated that I ma not doing much with my hair. Sometimes I feel like going and cut a little bit more. But the truth is: I've CHANGED, I am not the "Crazy Girl" I used to Be, I am a Mature Woman, I know exactly what I want, and What I don't Want. I Stay home most of the time. I spend time with my family, I don't go out as much as I used to go. Isn't that a "TRANSFORMATION"?!?! INDEED this is!!!

My Lovely Readers,
Best place to get inspired is IN BED... while my Husband is Asleep, (that's Where I am Right Now) But because Later on I am planning to Go for a walk with Mom (Exercising Still ON babies! :) I am going to stop here, otherwise I could go on and on and on.... I Love writing!!!
That's a Wrap for Today!!!
***I miss School*** I sure Do***  LOL
Love u all, Trully Yours
Kisses & Hugs


  1. All the best on your exercise journey. You weren't kidding when you said you were taking care of yourself.
    As for the sense that you want to sleep longer, be patient, girl. Occupy your mind and time with your creations and time will fly. Can't wait to see your new crafts...

  2. Dear Lwsinha MC...Wow going to this comment of urs how realize how important it is to be Patient, I am so happy and excited with all going on in my life now! No words can Express what I am Feeling...I am extremely happy with the new journey I am entering! Lets pray that all goes as I plan and as God has reserved for me!!!
    Thanks for your Support!


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