"Current Events"

Last week I had to Literary RUN to find Cupcakes for my Goddaughters Birthday; I wanted to surprise them with something unique and different. We don't do it as much as cupcakes are FAMOUS in the USA. Well at first when she saw the cupcakes she asked me: Is this my birthday cake? And I was Like, Yes, why?! You didn't like?! She was so honest telling me: No, I want the Big Cake! Traditional!!! OMG, well kids are always like that, but then when she saw them in the cupcakes stander she was Fine with it. I am glad I was present for the first time for her 6th Birthday!!! YEAH, missing all previous ones Sucked BIG TIME!!!
For a Tuesday, I think it was Well Spent!
Cupcakes Top View

Cupcakes Side View

My GodDaughter the Birthday Girl!
Then on Saturday, It was my other Cousin's 9th Bday party; Well her birthday was actually on the same tuesday as my Goddaughter, but then the party was on Saturday! Kids mostly played all party along. Danced a Bit and that was it...
My Other Cousin Birthday Party! On saturday...

Table Full of "Grab and Go" Food
 Saturday Night's Outfit: 
Being in back home there's always A LOT GOING ON...so I had this 70 Birthday party as well. I struggle finding what to wear couse it was "Last Minute" invitation; Well I'd probably struggle even if I was invited 2months in advance LOL. I am telling this because I have the BAD HABIT of taking too Long to Dress up on Events! GOSH I am trying to Change!
Hope yo Enjoy my Look, Although my Dress is not shown as I wish.

Make up Check


Clutch and Bracelet (FOREVER 21)

The Back of My HUGO BOSS Dress

Front...I Hate this Picture, My photographer (Hubby) Doesn't Like this Task AT ALL!

Hope You guys Like it.
Trully Yours,


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